Hike Stats (July 26, 2013)

Yesterday I decided to try out my new trail-running shoes by hiking the woods in Clayton Park.  After the first mile or so, I decided to try a little running — even though I’m way out of practice and have been suffering from horrible shin splints.  The good news is that my shins held up fairly well and I was able to run large chunks of this somewhat difficult trail.  I love my new shoes!



Some Stats…

First real attempt at a run since re-injuring my calf. Nothing great, but at least I’m on the road to recovery.

Next Race: Spooky Tails & Trails 5K

This weekend, I’ll be participating in the YMCA-sponsored Spooky Tails & Trails 5K at Veteran’s Park in Hamilton, NJ.  It will only be my second event that I’ve ever participated in and I’m a little nervous about the condition of my shins going into it.  I seemed to have pushed myself a little beyond my capabilities the other night and some fairly mean-spirited shin splints followed.

This morning, I did a practice run walk at the park, but had to limit my running to well…just about none as the pain was a little overwhelming.  I’ve deciding to rest for a couple of days and possibly resume my normal walk/run routine on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Urghh!  Damn shin splints!

For the record, here are the results from this morning’s walk:

1km — 7m16s

1 mile — 12m35s

3 miles — 41m51s

5 km — 43m33s